Receiving By Faith

Have you ever anointed yourself with oil as a prophetic act? May be you should check out the significance of being anointed by oil in the Bible. Next time you spend time resting and communing with God, try anointing yourself with oil. Most edible, pure cooking oils in your kitchen would suffice. A dab of […]

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Bright and Radient

Have you ever wanted to be a Superhero, with the ability to fly, swing between buildings or have some other supernatural ability? The classic comic book hereos are defined by their own superhero suits. Clothed in carefully crafted outfits that help make them stand out from the crowd, they are recognised for who they are, […]

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Arise and Shine

We are entering a season of moving by faith, not necessarily depending on what we feel. We will pray for people out of faith, not always feeling any particular anointing or power, yet they will be healed and set free. We’ll speak and release life, out of the supernatural life that is within us. We […]

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